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Weather Data

Weather Data

Weather data refers to time series of outdoor weather conditions that are used for applying routine adjustments to energy consumption data. By default, CalTRACK only relies on outdoor temperature as a routine adjustment variable. The open-source eeweather package is used internally in the Recurve platform to match building locations to weather stations and to retrieve the associated weather data. The following procedure is used to fetch quality weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

  • The candidate weather stations are identified and sorted by proximity to the building location.
  • The closest weather station is rejected if any of the following are true: a. The candidate station is more than 150 km from the site. b. The candidate weather station’s climate zone does not match the site’s climate zone. c. The candidate station does not have sufficient data quality when matched with site meter data.
  • If these criteria are met, use the candidate weather station. If one or more criteria are not met, test the next closest candidate weather station.

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